Convert bitwarden json export to a csv that can be imported into KeepassXC
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Bitwarden to KeepassXC Converter

KeepassXC doesn't have a native import feature from Bitwarden (yet). This is a simple script which converts a bitwarden export to a csv format which can be imported in KeepassXC.

It supports exporting your normal website logins including TOTP, secure notes and credit/debit cards. Since there are no username/password fields for credit/debit card type, the script adds a new group called "Cards" and imports all the card details in "notes" field.


You need to have golang installed.


  • Create an export from bitwarden: Tools -> Export vault -> .json format
  • Run the script from the main folder: go run json2csv.go <exported_file.json>
  • Import the generated file into KeepassXC, check "First line has field names", match appropriate columns and proceed.